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7 job indenfor Medicinal, Kemi, Biotek, Nano i Nordsjælland
LEO Pharma A/S
Compliance Specialist in Global Safety Compliance Specialist in Global Safety ©Job-Support
Can you help taking our safety compliance area to the next level?If you have pharmacovigilance (PV) experience and you are looking for a job where you can unfold all of your skills in a role with great impact and influence, this is it.
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Senior Packaging Scientist/Material Scientist Senior Packaging Scientist/Material Scientist ©Job-Support
Are you passionate about improving lives of millions of people by developing treatments for skin diseases?
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Global Regulatory Lead Global Regulatory Lead ©Job-Support
Can you take regulatory lead on a very ambitious growth strategy? If you bring solid RA experience, and you are looking for a job where you are the one to make things happen according to a very ambitious strategy, this job is your perfect match.
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Regulatory Professional ? Development Submission Management Regulatory Professional ? Development Submission Management ©Job-Support
Do you want to make a difference in a challenging position? Are you looking for a challenging position in a fast growing and successful company?
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Scientific Developer - Research Informatics Scientific Developer - Research Informatics ©Job-Support
Can you help us evolve to the next level? To meet the LEO Pharma R&D 2025 ambitions within digitalization, the Research Informatics & Compound Management team have embarked on a journey to ensure our researchers have the right research software tools
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Shipping Coordinator to Customer Order Management - 9 months temp contract Shipping Coordinator to Customer Order Management - 9 mont.. ©Job-Support
Do you share our passion to ensure that patients have access to our products?
LEO Pharma A/S
LEO Pharma A/S
Global Category Manager R&D Procurement Global Category Manager R&D Procurement ©Job-Support
LEO Pharma is facing extensive growth the coming years so we have an exciting strategy and run projects that support and develop an organisation of almost 5.000 employees in more than 60 countries.
LEO Pharma A/S
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